Premier Gallant moves to allow more taxpayer abortions on demand, private clinics will likely result

Premier Gallant's Liberal government announced its intention to remove a requirement of the provincial Medical Services Payment Act.  This action may open the door to private clinics for profit in the gruesome practice [warning scientific graphic evidence], of medically induced abortions in the province. For the first time since abortion laws were struck down in Canada, the regulations for two doctors approving the demand for an abortion as medically needed are being repealed.  The provision in question is 84-20 Schedule 2 (a.1) which if repealed will allow private clinics.  NB Free Press is still trying to get a firm answer on the exact text of the new provision to replace (a.1).  Until Minister of Health Victor Boudreau does provide the text of their proposal, a repeal means (a.1) is deleted, allowing private clinics.  Dr. Henry Morgentaler would be proud, as his court case essentially failed to force the government to remove the requirements and thus allow Medicare to pay for abortions outside a hospital setting in the Province.
Premier Gallant erroneously stated that under the Supreme Court of Canada rulings it is required.  That is an untruth.  A challenge to Gallant was made August 19th edition of the Daily Gleaner, as he is a licensed lawyer and should know better: "Canadian law may not prohibit taxpayer-funded abortion on demand. But it does not require it. You should acknowledge the distinction. New Brunswick is not legally obliged to remove "all barriers" to abortion." stated Peter Ryan, Executive Director of NB RIght To Life in his open letter to then candidate Gallant prior to the election.
“We have identified the barriers and are proceeding to eliminate them in order to respect our legal obligations under the Supreme Court of Canada ruling and the Canada Health Act regarding a woman’s right to choose,” said Premier Brian Gallant.
Ryan released a statement in reaction to the news minutes after, stating, “This news means open season on children in the womb,” Ryan said. “It will dramatically increase our abortion rate. We foresee as many as 2,000 New Brunswick children a year losing their lives. That is no small matter for anyone who cares about kids.”  The new policy entails treating abortion like any other medical procedure. “It’s not,” said Mr. Ryan. “Removing a baby is not like removing an appendix. Many women who’ve had an abortion testify to that.”  Ryan said the removal of abortion restrictions is “not required by law, women’s health or ethics.” “No law or Supreme Court ruling has ever stated that a province must provide abortion on demand. What’s going on is a pro-abortion ideology is being imposed upon New Brunswick. That’s wrong.” “It seems this week we’re having Black Wednesday as well as Black Friday,” he said. “It’s a dark day today. But we hope that in the long run true compassion and common sense will prevail over fashionable ideologies. One thing for sure: This issue is not going away.”
The population of New Brunswick is damaged further with this public policy announcement at a time when birth rate of newly born citizens of New Brunswick is at a non-replacement level [2.1 per couple is required for replacement, NB's rate stands at 1.54].  Outward migration of the young working class to Western Canada makes it even worse.  The totallity of these factors are further hindering the economic catastrophe the Province faces regarding its debt, to pensions and entitlement programs.  Without adequate young citizens to join the workforce in the province, a "death spiral" will ensue, stated Premier McKenna.  A term he coined referencing his doubts for a healthy provincial economy anytime soon. His concerns for his home province of New Brunswick were stated in a recent economic speech to business leaders in New Brunswick.
The changes are expected to be implemented January 1, 2015 barring any complications to the changes by the Tory opposition.


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