New Brunswick and Quebec energy ministers meet

Energy and Mines Minister Donald Arseneault (left) met with Quebec Energy and Natural Resources Minister Pierre Arcand to discuss major projects and initiatives, including the Energy East pipeline and the Canadian Energy Strategy, and to discuss ways to continue to build strong relationships for the mutual benefit of both provinces.


Premier Gallant announces MLA cabinet pay cuts

Premier Brian Gallant today announced that he and members of the cabinet will take a pay cut, effective April 1.

“Achieving our goals of creating jobs, righting our fiscal ship and supporting New Brunswick families means leading by example,” said Gallant. “We will be making difficult decisions, and we want to make these decisions together. To do so, we understand that we must start with ourselves.”


Gallant to co-lead negotiations for provinces on skills training

Premier Brian Gallant will co-lead a working-group established to negotiate with the federal government on possible changes to the labour market development agreements. Gallant was asked to assume the role by his provincial counterparts at the recent Council of the Federation meetings in Ottawa.

He will join two of his provincial colleagues, British Columbia Premier Christy Clark and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, to represent the provinces and territories in these negotiations.


Canadian premiers meet in Ottawa

Premier Brian Gallant was among provincial and territorial premiers from across Canada that met on Friday, Jan. 30, in Ottawa to collaborate and co-operate on common priorities


Bank of Montreal Should Withdraw Its Attack on Christians

On March 26th, 2014 the Bank of Montreal wrote a letter to the Upper Canada Law Society attacking a Christian University law school for its support of traditional marriage.  BMO also co-signed a similar letter to the Federation of Law Societies of Canada.  The Nova Scotia Barristers Society then rejected Trinity Western's application.
On January 28th, 2015 the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia declared their actions to be unconstitutional stating "The NSBS resolution and regulation infringe on the freedom of religion of TWU and its students in a way that cannot be justified."
On behalf of Christians across the country the President of the Institute for Canadian Values Dr. Charles McVety says "it is sad when a trusted institution such as BMO turns on its own Christian customers who don't deserve this.  Now that the Court has spoken we expect BMO to withdraw its attack and not continue their assault on Canadian freedoms."

Comment: We do not need more program review. We need program execution.

At the end of the competitive 2010 election campaign, at a time when the total financial impacts of numerous new spending commitments were still being assessed, the new government was presented, for the first time, with an introduction to the demographic and economic reality of our province, prepared by the civil service. At that time, the deficit for 2010/11 was forecasted to be $820.4 million, and trending higher.
By contrast, today's government entered office with a 2014/15 deficit forecasted to be $377 million, and trending downward - a $443 million improvement. This demonstrates a reduction in expense growth over the previous four years, from an average rate of 5.9% to 0.8%. This was a direct result of strong expenditure management practices that was a daily focus.

Fiready Inc. receives $510,000 ACOA frunds and Provincial development funds

The project consists of purchasing and installing a biomass boiler. This equipment will increase the operation’s productivity by maximizing the plant’s drying capability. It is expected that acquiring this technology will result in increased sales for the business.

The federal government, through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency’s Business Development Program, is providing a $350,000 repayable contribution to the modernization project. The provincial government is providing $110,000 through the Northern New Brunswick Economic Development and Innovation Fund, and $50,000 through the NB Growth program. Fiready is investing $10,000 and has a $200,000 loan from the Business Development Bank of Canada. 


Former Morgentaler abortion clinic will re-open under new ownership



Premier Gallant refuses to allow public scrutiny on Legislature Standing Rule changes

The Official Opposition is disappointed that Brian Gallant is unwilling to hold open meetings or to seek the advice of external experts on his proposed changes to the Legislative Assembly's Standing Rules.  A meeting of the Legislature's Standing Committee on Procedure ended abruptly today when the government refused again to collaborate.


"We approached today's Committee meeting in a genuine way, with open minds.  We wanted to collaborate, to talk about ways to improve our process and, importantly, to discuss how the committee can seek the advice of external experts and the public.  Instead, the government refused to cooperate," said Opposition House Leader Madeleine Dubé.


Opposition Tories call for transparency and public scrutiny regarding changes to Legislative Standing Rules

After it repeatedly called for a more open, collaborative approach to modernizing the Legislature's Standing Rules during the fall legislative session, the Official Opposition welcomes Brian Gallant's move to reconvene the Legislature's Standing Committee on Procedure.


The Standing Rules set the ground rules for how the Legislature operates.  "Brian Gallant's proposal, in its current form, would implement the most fundamental changes to those rules in a generation, but they were assembled without consulting the Official Opposition or, it appears, any external experts on the subject," said Leader of the Opposition Bruce Fitch.